Jan 4, 2 years ago

Phillies get $2.5 billion TV contract

The Phillies have signed a TV contract with Comcast Sports Network’s Philadelphia station worth $2.5 billion dollars, according to Yahoo Sports.¬† With a “B.” That includes a stake in the network itself, Yahoo Sports reports. It won’t officially begin until after the 2015 season, when the current deal expires, but it is reported to be worth about $100 million a year for 25 years, according to Yahoo. It may pale in comparison to what the LA Dodgers’ TV deal ($7 billion), but it’s an appropriate deal, Yahoo Sports writes, given the size of the market. Under their current deal, the Phillies get about $35 million from TV revenues, but that’s still mediocre, compartively speaking. For instance, Yahoo Sports reports San Diego gets about $65 million from their TV contract.

So, how does this affect the Phillies’ plans? They already have the 4th highest payroll, but this is unlikely to have much of an impact until the deal kicks in in 2015, according to Yahoo Sports. The Phillies probably won’t make any major splashes, as they still have several veterans under contract right now, but once the deal kicks in, only Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels and Carlos Ruiz will still be under contract. I think it would be fair to assume that the Phillies will be a lot more active given the greater source of revenue.

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