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Mets Have Entertained the Idea of Moving Cornerstone Player’s

by Patrick Green | Posted on Saturday, January 4th, 2014

The New York Mets have made advancements to improve this off-season. Signing Curtis Granderson, Chris Young, and Bartolo Colon. This was the year that the Mets had the money coming off of the books, and with this increased revenue they have been able to make fairly lavish moves. The Mets however, may not be done changing their team.

According to Educardo Encina of the Baltimore Sun, the New York Mets have discussed the possibility of trading Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy, and Lucas Duda with the Baltimore Orioles. All three guys were expected to do big things for the Mets, but that has yet to come to fruition. The three movable players all have had their share of struggles and hot streaks. Never being able to get a consistent game going for the organization.

Reports around the Ike Davis talks have said to never gain much traction. In return the Mets requested one of the Orioles young pitching prospects and the frugal demand turned the Orioles away. The Orioles need to make a move that has a significant impact. It has been a rather quiet off-season for the birds and they need to do something that makes them contend in the formidable American League East.

Daniel Murphy in my opinion would be a good fit for the ball club. He has a lot of all-around offensive talent that in terms of production and it would increase playing in Camden Yards. Which is one of the most hitter friendly park’s in the MLB. Right now the Orioles have Ryan Flaherty as their starting second basemen. His line in 271 plate appearances in 2013 was ghastly at .224/.293/.390. That is certainly not going to resonate in to productiveness at the position. This move makes sense for all of the reasons I just listed. If they can get him without having to deal Dylan Bundy or Kevin Gausman, I really like this for the Orioles.

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