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Maurice Jones Drew to Test FA

Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew has played with the aforementioned team for all eight years of his career. In those eight years he has become an elite option for the Jags and one of the only talented players as of late.

However, as free agency is approaching it’s becoming more apparent that MJD thinks he’s better than he actually is.¬†Although, he put together a solid season managing to rack up 1,117 yards from scrimmage (803 rush, 314 receiving). However, he wants a five year non incentive laden deal and with his recent history of injuries that might be too much of a commitment. Especially considering running backs generally begin to go downhill around age 29-30 and he is almost there at age 28. Not to mention, he only averaged an underwhelming 3.4 yards per carry this year. The Jaguars, who are looking to rebuild may be right to not take on an aging running back, seemingly on his decline until he turns 33.¬†They may want to look for a younger running back in this years draft.

However, not all players are happy about this, including MJD himself, as he wants to finish his career with the team he started it with, but unless he is willing to take a shorter deal based on incentives, however, that seems unlikely. Even Jones-Drews younger teammate, Denard Robinson who has played RB, WR, QB and CB this year wants him to stay. He says that he has been a very positive influence on him and he does not know who he would go to for advice if Jones-Drew leaves Jacksonville. Wherever MJD goes we wish him the best of luck in free agency, as throughout his career he’s been a very exciting player to watch and it would be a privilege to watch him play at least a bit longer, whether it be with the Jaguars or another team.

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