Dec 30, 2 years ago
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The Red Sox Should Gamble on Grady Sizemore

The former left-handed hitting superstar, Grady Sizemore remains very much available. Sizemore has a long list of accolades under his belt, including three All-Star appearances, two Gold Gloves, and a lone Silver Slugger award. In Sizemore’s last fully healthy campaign, he hit for a dangerous line of .268/.374/.502. He also swiped 33 Net Steals in 2008, which was his most recent non-injury orientated season. Sizemore spent his entire career as a member of the Cleveland Indians. In 2009 Sizemore played 106 games, in 2010 he played 33 games, in 2011 he played 71 games, and in 2012 and 2013 he has played a total of zero games.

Sizemore’s career line is stellar at .269/.357/.473 with 91 Net Steals and -7 DRS (Defensive Runs Saved). He went through a series of surgeries the past two grinding years. Undergoing back, knee, and hernia surgery. Sizemore spent most of 2012 season recovering. Going through physical training. Though, diving in for Sizemore’s services in 2013 may have been a bigger risk, he decided to sit out the entire 2013 season. He did this so that when he did commit to a team he wanted to be fully healthy. He is going into his age 31 season, what is typically around the prime of a player’s MLB life. Sizemore will most likely join a ball club this off-season and he would be perfect fit in Bean Town.
Safety Net for Jackie Bradley Jr.

The Red Sox are content with having prospect Jackie Bradley Jr. as there full time Center Fielder next season. Bradley projects to be a very high OBP guy and a great defensive commodity. He did it all in the Minor Leagues but when he tried the transition into the MLB in 2013 the same performance that was expected with Bradley did not come to fruition. He has a lot of potential that is not a question, how he fairs in the Major Leagues is a different story. It is not a given that JBJ will succeed in the MLB and Sizemore having the talent to be an All-Star could act as a security net, if Jackie Bradley Jr. struggles in the MLB. Even if he get hurt he is a good alternative to have in Center Field.
Contract is Extremely Favorable

I am not going to lie, Sizemore is more likely to fail than thrive in his first year back in over two years. The thing about it is even if he does fail, shake it off the contract is not an issue. Sizemore is seeking a one year contract. Trying to reestablish his value as a MLB player because let’s face it he is not going to receive the lucrative multi-year contract that he was once very much on pace for. So if he fails so be it, no long term deal required. The other part that is favorable is that he is only going to get a Minor League contract. So, he can start the season in Pawtucket and then if he succeeds in Triple-A then a promotion is in line. He doesn’t clog a roster spot either. Some other outfielders who have consistency, performance questions would require a MLB spot. Thus, in return it would forfeit someone’s spot like a Mike Carp or Will Middlebrooks.

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