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Pro Sports Extra’s Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (11-2)

The Seahawks lost a tough game to the 49ers, but they are still the best team in the NFL at this point. They’ll bounce back just fine.

2. Denver Broncos (11-2)

The Broncos move back up to the #2 spot, but their defense just hasn’t been consistent enough to take over the top spot from Seattle.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (10-3)

Kansas City moves up a few spots from last week after an impressive showing against Washington. Alex Smith has been playing great football.

4. New Orleans Saints (10-3)

New Orleans put up an impressive showing against the Panthers on Sunday night, and their defense came through in a big way as well.

5. Carolina Panthers (9-4)

The Panthers lost in a big way to the Saints, but they are still a great football team. Their defense is elite and their offense has been very good this year.

6. San Francisco 49ers (9-4)

San Francisco came away with a huge win over the Seahawks. They move up as their offense has shown improvement especially with Crabtree back.

7. New England Patriots (10-3)

The injury to Rob Gronkowski is a huge blow for the Patriots. They still have Tom Brady and have won without Gronk, so they don’t go down too much.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (9-4)

The Bengals won a big game against the struggling Colts, but Andy Dalton and the offense is just too inconsistent and injuries on defense are concerning.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (8-5)

Nick Foles and the Eagles pulled off a huge game in the snow against the Lions and their defense has been playing amazing football lately.

10. Arizona Cardinals (8-5)

The Cardinals defeated the Rams this past week and their defense has been fantastic. Carson Palmer has actually came through and played well also.

11. Indianapolis Colts (8-5)

Once again the Colts struggled against the Bengals. Their defense has been awful, and Luck has been inconsistent. They did clinch the division however.

12. Chicago Bears (7-6)

Chicago absolutely destroyed the Cowboys and showed good defense and an incredibly explosive offense.

13. Baltimore Ravens (7-6)

Baltimore struggled with the Vikings in a 29-26 win at home. They have been inconsistent all year, but are currently in wildcard positioning.

14. Detroit Lions (7-6)

Coming off of a disappointing loss to the Eagles, they are dropping quickly. Their defense has to step up and offensively must be consistent.

15. Green Bay packers (6-6-1)

The Packers came away with a big win over the Falcons and Aaron Rodgers’ return is looming. Their defense played well and they are very much alive in the playoff race.

16. Miami Dolphins (7-6)

Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins defeated the Steelers in Pittsburgh to keep their playoff hopes alive. They haven’t been consistent thus far this year.

17. Dallas Cowboys (7-6)

The Cowboys came up with a disappointing effort against Chicago. Their defense has been awful at times, and the offense inconsistent.

18. San Diego Chargers (6-7)

San Diego killed the Giants by 23 and they proved that they aren’t a pushover. Rivers and the offense are high-powered, but the defense is inconsistent to say the least.

19. New York Jets (6-7)

Geno Smith had a nice performance and beat the the Raiders by 10. Their offense was much better than in recent weeks and their defense is solid for the most part as well.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-8)

The Steelers defense has been bad nearly all season, and the Steelers lost yet again this week. Their playoff hopes are over and they need to focus on rebuilding.

21. Tennessee Titans (5-8)

The Titans put together a nice first half against Denver, but fell in the end. They are a franchise in disarray after the Locker injury.

22. St. Louis Rams (5-8)

The Rams got stomped in embarrassing fashion by the Cardinals. Their defense is solid, but offensively there’s just not enough there yet.

23. New York Giants (5-8)

The Giants lost in disappointing fashion this week and their slim playoff hopes have vanished.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-9)

Tampa Bay has actually been playing great football the last few weeks and Bobby Rainey exploded once again. They are a young, improving team.

25. Cleveland Browns (4-9)

The Browns self-imploded against the Patriots and gave what would have been a big win away. Tough year for Browns fans once again.

26. Buffalo Bills (4-9)

Buffalo got blown out of the water against Tampa Bay, but they have shown signs of a promising young team.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9)

The Jaguars won once again this week, and have actually been playing competitive football. Their is a solid young nucleus there.

28. Oakland Raiders (4-9)

Oakland summed up their confusing, disappointing, and awful season by rotating quarterbacks in college like fashion this past week in yet another loss.

29. Minnesota Vikings (3-9-1)

Minnesota played a very solid game against the Ravens, but came up short. They have had a couple young players show up late in the season, but nothing of note.

30. Atlanta Falcons (3-10)

Atlanta held a 21-10 lead at the half over Green Bay, but the Packers shut them out in the second half. Tough loss, tough season.

31. Washington Redskins (3-10)

The Redskins are in disarray and Mike Shanahan likely will be fired. Lost season for Washington.

32. Houston Texans (2-11)

Houston finally fired Gary Kubiak, but not before they lost another game. Case Keenum was benched again, and the embarrassment that is the Houston Texans continues.

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