Nov 25, 2 years ago
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Colts Lose to Cards; Running out of Luck

Glendale, AR - Luck takes the snap, steps back in the pocket and throws a deep strike in the middle of the field to Coby Fleener for 17 yards, touchdown. Too little too late as this came when the Colts were down 34 to 3 at this point.

The Colts had a great win against the Titans last week on the road, in what most Colts fans felt like was a major win without Reggie Wayne. They flew into Arizona this weekend, with alot of confidence, only to get it all shattered just ¬†by halftime. Now like all good Colts fans, we didn’t give up. But the Colts seemed to, coming out really flat in the 3rd quarter, and not really getting anything together until it was all but too late.

The stats show it, as they out passed throwing for 314 to the Colts 159 yards , out ran for, rushing for 120 yards to the Colts 80, and killed the clock, keeping the ball for just over 36 of the total 60 minutes. Carson Palmer came out firing, having his best game of the season, throwing for two touchdowns and 314 yards and completing 70 percent of his passes. Luck on the other hand, couldn’t seem to buy a completion, as he was hurried all night and completed only 51 percent of his passes. Now I can’t blame it all on Lucks numbers, in fact I won’t at all. He was only sacked once, but Luck was hit eight times tonight, and to be honest this is becoming routine for Luck week in and week out, ever since he lost Ahmad Bradshaw, Vick Ballard and Reggie Wayne (there is that name again) to season ending injuries.

Lets not discount the Colts, as they have beat three very good teams this season, and still have the winning spirit, but while they will probably still win the division, this isn’t a winning recipe for the Colts, and could cost them their season before the playoffs, as the Titans won again today and are only a few games back, or could end their season as early as the first round should they make it to the playoffs.

Finally, I believe that the Colts need to start trying new things to win, like Pep Hamilton changing his strategy and playing a different style of ball. Anything to try to fit this team, that has changed so drastically since the start of the season.

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Ben Hartman

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