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Atlanta Braves Looking to Move Dan Uggla

by Trevor Uren | Posted on Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Atlanta, GA - According to Mark Bowman of MLB.com, the Atlanta Braves will make every attempt to trade second baseman Dan Uggla this offseason. Trading Uggla may very well be a difficult player to trade as he still has $26 million left on his contract. There could be some interest from teams when the Robinson Cano sweepstakes end.

Uggla had a bit of a down season last year with the Atlanta Braves, batting at just .179 with 22 HR’s and 55 RBI’s. Those numbers definitely lowered his trade value, but there likely will be a team interested in acquiring his services for the right price. That being said, teams aren’t going to want to give up all that much talent in return for him, so the Braves will have to take something less than they would probably like to in order to move him.

Most reports are saying that the Braves will have to eat at least half if not more of his contract to be able to move him. That certainly isn’t ideal, but Atlanta has made it obvious that they would rather move on from Uggla. There are no teams currently rumored to be interested in acquiring him, but that will likely change over the course of the next few weeks.

Overall, it is hard to say whether or not a deal will get done in the near future, but the Braves will be doing their best to move him.

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