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Hill: Lakers Started ‘Blaming Others’ Last Preseason

by Christopher_Dupuy | Posted on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

The Los Angeles Lakers won their first preseason game in two seasons in their preseason debut on Saturday. Several Lakers players who were on the team last year say that last preseason was when all the turmoil began.

Lakers forward had this to say about the turmoil and the winless preseason: “Our starters were getting a lot of minutes and we were still losing. After a while it was like, ‘what’s going on?’ “Everybody thought, we even thought, that we had a championship team. But we didn’t even win one preseason game.

“That’s when everybody started putting their heads down and blaming others.”

Guard Steve Blake had this to say about the winless preseason: “We thought we were fine, even though we were 0-8. It was the preseason,” Blake said. “But it never really turned around.”

Several of the Lakers players have already said that they actually feel like a team this year, unlike last season, and that everyone is working together great.

Although the Lakers lost big talent, With Dwight Howard, and Antwan Jamison leaving in the offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers are still very able to make a run at the playoffs with the acquisition of all their young talent.


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