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George Karl Wants to Return to the NBA

by Christopher_Dupuy | Posted on Monday, October 7th, 2013

After being fired this NBA offseason former head coach of the Denver Nuggets, and current ESPN annalists, George Karl want to coach again in the NBA.

“I still think I’m a gym rat and because of that, I want to coach,” Karl said. “There are so many things now in the world of basketball that have an interest to me that I’ve never had the time to pursue and put my heart into.

“I think everybody understands my passion for the game and this allows me to stay on top of the game and be a part of the game and hopefully to be an ambassador for coaches because the coaches are taking a lot of hits over the last couple of years.”

Karl is one of the best coaches ever in the NBA, having six 50+ wins in nine seasons with Denver. Karl will most probably coach again in the NBA. Karl will most probably get calls next offseason and will most probably be coaching next season.


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