Sep 10, 2 years ago
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Reggie Bush has monster debut as Lions beat Vikings.

Reggie Bush has monster debut as Lions beat Vikings.

On Sunday, Reggie Bush dabued  for the Lions after years of being tossed around from team to team with a short stint in Miami. With all the open space in the field due to the presence of Megatron, the Lions backfield would be a dream come true for a talented running back and Bush seized the opportunity. He had 90 yards on 21 carries, and more importantly, had 101 yards receiving. When the Lions said they wanted a utility back, they got one. With Bush anchoring the Lions backfield and Bell punching in touchdowns in the redzone, this Lions offense has potential to be lethal both on the ground and in the air.


The game did not start well for the Lions as Adrian Peterson looked like his former MVP self for the first play of the game going 78 yards for a touchdown. At this point ¬†most people would have changed the channel expecting the usual Lions blowout, but unsurprisingly for football connoisseurs, the Lions defense held Peterson in check as he ended up with 93 yards on 18 carries. That’s a total gain of only 15 yards on 17 carries after that monster run.

Joique Bell finished with six carries for 25 yards and two touchdowns.  He has emerged as a solid goal line producer and could see plenty of action behind Bush if the Lions advance to the redzone as frequently as they did last week.

Both teams had their share of mishaps with the Lions returning to top form with their penalties getting 11 for loss of 88 yards, while the Vikings got five for a loss of 52 yards. ¬†The Lions also had two turnovers unlike the Vikings with four. The Lions did struggle with fumbles as Stafford, Pettigrew and Sam Martin all had fumbles, with only Pettigrew’ fumble resulting in a turnover.

Ponder was not sharp in the passing game and went 18/28 with three interceptions and one touchdown pass.

The Lions defense looked very good with three sacks, a fumble recovery, three interceptions recovered, six quarterback hits and seven tackles for loss.

The Lions next game is against the Cardinals at Arizona.

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