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Sanders will try not to get so many Technicals this Season

by Zack Smith | Posted on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Larry Sanders, who received a 4-year/$44 million extension from the Milwaukee Bucks, will be a building block of the Bucks franchise in their somewhat rebuilding stage.

In order for Sanders to be the leader of the Bucks franchise over the next few years, he should work on not being as much of a leader in one aspect: technical fouls.

Sanders was 3rd in the league in technical fouls with 14 last season, behind DeMarcus Cousins and Russell Westbrook, and was tossed out of a league-leading 5 games last season. Sanders says he plans on working on keeping his emotions controlled and not getting as many tech’s this season. In fact, new Bucks coach Larry Drew has already talked to Sanders about his tech problems.

“When I took the job, one of the first things he and I did, we went out to dinner and sat and talked,” Drew said. “We were very candid. And he recognized that’s something he has to get better at.”


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