Aug 21, 2 years ago
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Will Wade’s knee affect the three-peat?

The Miami Heat’s superstar Dwyane Wade Has been battling knee problems all last season, and has made him not play like “The real Dwyane Wade”wade_300_070227

The 2-time champions barley snuck through ¬†this years playoffs, let alone winning the the Championship, was this because of Wade’s injury riddled knee?

Heat fans hope not, with Clubs like the Pacers and Brooklyn acquiring solid players who are going to make it hard for all teams, especially the heat. Look at it this way, The New York Knicks, can be pushed down to the 5th seed on the east with¬†Derrick¬†Rose’s return, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry being added to the Nets,¬†C.J. Watson, Luis¬†Scola¬†and Chris Copeland also being added to the Pacers.





Miami got away with shaky play this season, but even with teams on the west being improved on, play needs to be improved for the 2013-2014 season.


All the Heat really need from The Superstar is to perform at the level he did last season. While Wade posted his worst PPG average since his rookie season, he still performed at an elite level. He shot a career best FGP of 52.1% and averaged 5 rebounds and 5.1 assists.

Even though LeBron James is¬†definitely Miami’s best player, Wade is there most important!


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