Aug 1, 2 years ago
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Pro Bowl Changing to Fantasy Draft Format

The 2013-14 NFL season will have no Pro Bowl this year. In a joint effort with the NFLPA, the NFL has scrapped the Pro Bowl in loo of a fantasy draft format,The AFC vs NFC format is scrapped. Now¬†2 captains will choose a 43 man team. The two captains are the two players who got the most votes into the game. They will then each choose 43 players for their team. They will be assisted by Jerry Rice, and Deion Sanders, and two Fantasy Football champions. The kickoff has been removed as well. The ball is now placed at the 25 yard line at the beginning of each possession. Opponents of this new system argue that this new format will just be another popularity contest. Star kick returner Josh Cribbs, tweeted in anger after the news, saying he believes the game is now “tainted”. Kick returners are being replaced with an extra defensive back slot on each roster. Players like Leon Washington, Josh Cribbs, Devin Hester, and Percy Harvin, who make their living returning kicks; and are generally extremely good at it, now wont get recognition at the new NFL all star game. Many believe the NFL has gone too far with this decision. Hopefully the fans will speak out and the NFL(PA) will listen. If not, be sure to expect a steep drop in ratings.


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