Jul 17, 2 years ago
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MLB: Should the commissioner have a selection for the All Star Game?

Some fans may be sick of hearing Yasiel Puig’s name coming up in everything baseball as of late, but here it is again. Yasiel Puig missed this seasons all star game, which I find reasonable. Puig may be the Dodgers spark plug in their lineup and he may be hitting over 390 in over a month of play, but Puig just didn’t have enough playing team. He may of reached all star numbers if he had the full 90+ games before the break, he would have 20 Homers and 50 RBI at the break if he started the season on time, but he just doesn’t.

This brings up an interesting question, should the commissioner of the MLB, in this case Bud Selig have 1 selection of his own to go to the game for marketing? The All Star game is supposed to showcase talent, but if we have players like Puig in the future that are called up to late, or future hall of famers retiring should Selig have a selection.

As I see it, why not? I don’t think the fans of the team will complain if they get to see their favorite player on the all star stage one last time, nor will fans of the game in general, if they’ve seen the the player dominate all those years.

What do you think?


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