Jul 15, 2 years ago
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Will Jennings resign with the Bucks?

The last piece of the Buck’s free-agent period is the decision of whether to sign the young and spectacular point-guard, Brandon Jennings. After Bucks made an offer to Jeff Teague, it was clear that Bucks would not offer Jennings to a contract, and his career in Milwaukee was over.

However, Hawks managed to match the $32 million offer sheet for Teague, which meant that Bucks were probably going to sign the restricted free-agent, Jennings. But, reportedly, Jennings does not want to play for the Bucks organization anymore, because he believes he should have been the priority of the organization to sign him back when the free-agent period started.

Therefore, Jennings, who hasn’t said much about the situation, should part ways from the organization in the near future. However, anything can happen in the NBA, and Jennings could decide to stay with the franchise.

An interesting situation we’ve got here!


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