Jun 29, 2 years ago
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Lakers Fooled Some People

Welcome to the Hotel California. It was anything but that. Around 5:18 the ¬†Los Angeles Lakers tweeted in what appeared to be a poster of Dwight Howard’s jersey in Beverly Hills Hotel. ESPN LA reported that the Lakers were planning on making 6 to 7 posters of saying #STAY12. There was some confusion on Twitter yesterday, people were saying it was real while others argued it fake. Well, I decided to call in and ask if they had put up a Dwight Howard jersey in the front of their hotel and they denied that they had taken such action. Photoshop can do numerous things to the naked eye. It could make someone think that it was there at a particular moment but in reality it wasn’t. In this case the Lakers organization took it a step further and photoshopped Dwight’s jersey on the hotel. In two days the NBA free agency will start, where Dwight goes, nobody knows. The Rockets, Mavericks, and Hawks are some names in pursuit to get Dwight Howard.

(Image via: latimes.com)


Stefan Abramian

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