Jun 28, 2 years ago
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Lions LB Asks Adrian Peterson About “Juicing”

It seems every time an athlete accomplishes something monumental, someone has to ask the question: “Is he on the juice?” ¬†Recently, Minnesota Vikings’ ¬†star running back Adrian Peterson tore his ACL. Many speculated that Peterson would not be the same, and that he would only be average rather than the stellar rusher that we have come to know and love. Instead, Peterson made his doubters eat their words, rushing for 2,097 yards and coming within nine yards of breaking the NFL single season rushing record previously set by Eric Dickerson. Dickerson rushed for 2,105 yards in 1984.

Despite ¬†Peterson’s reputation as a hard worker and someone who doesn’t quit, people still questioned the legitimacy of his performance, including an anonymous Detroit Lions linebacker. While playing the Lions, the said Linebackers confronted AP “Whatever kind of juice you’re on, let me know. I need it”

Peterson played it cool “Man, it’s a lot of prayer. The juice of God”. ¬†Peterson later remarked he took it as a compliment. “To be honest with you, it makes me feel good when people say little stuff like that, and I’m sure it happens all the time. I guess I am performing that well that people think I’m juicing, that I am taking something. That really shows me how much God has blessed me to be able to come back and play the way I played. To me, it’s a compliment.”

Peterson had an MVP season last year, and he was recently named the #1 player of the 2012-2013 NFL season by NFL Network’s Top 100 countdown. AP has set lofty goals for himself, and everyone should fully expect him to accomplish or come close to those goals without the help of drugs.


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