Jun 28, 2 years ago
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Houston Astros: Success as of late

The Houston Astros looked to be in for another long year. They came in to this season knowing they wouldn’t make the playoffs, and just hoping they didn’t reach 107 losses for the 3rd straight year. The Astros have won 1 of every 3 games the last couple seasons. The good news for Astros fans is that they is some hope. They have gotten some veteran mentors for the young guys, and they have found quite a few young guys with a lot of potential. The Astros are 12-12 this month which is much better then they have been in quite some time. They have a pitching rotation that looks like this:

1. Bud Norris 3.60 ERA
2. Jordan Lyles 3.68 ERA
3. Lucas Harrel 4.84 ERA
4. Dallas Keuchel 4.34 ERA
5. Eric Bedard 4.44 ERA

These guys may not be Cy Young winners, but Bud Norris and Jordan Lyles definitely are guys for the future. ERA in the 3.50-4.00 Range for a starter will get you wins on a winning ball club. Also, the Astros just drafted Mark Appel from Stanford. That is 3 automatic rotation slots with pretty decent arms. The Astros also have plenty of prospects like Adrian Houser and Nick Bushue, and Jarred Cosart which all could easily post ERAs of 3-4 for them in years to come. The Astros are loaded with prospects and if 1 of every 3 work out in the big leagues. The Astros will be a contender in the AL West in a couple years.


Image from: zimbio.com

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