Jun 20, 2 years ago
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Magic Johnson Blasts Lakers’ Howard And D’Antoni

Magic Johnson has been known for voicing his opinion and not holding back any punches when it comes to the welfare of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Johnson, who won 5 championships with the Lakers in the ’80’s, spoke on a conference call about ABC and ESPN’s coverage of the NBA Finals and also added his opinion about Lakers center Dwight Howard and coach Mike D’Antoni.

On Dwight Howard, Magic said, “He has a lot of work to do this summer on his skills, his offensive skills.” He went on to say “I’m not happy with this Dwight Howard, but if he gets into the gym and gets some go-to moves, it’ll be wise to sign him.”

Dwight Howard is an unrestricted free agent and is weighing his options as to what team he wants to play with for the 2013-2014 season. The Houston Rockets look to be the number one prospect to lure Howard away from Los Angeles if he plans to leave.

Magic also offered his opinion on the coaching philosophy of D’Antoni, who is known for his superb ability to coach offense contrasted with his inability to coach defense. To that Magic said “He has to concentrate on the defensive end as much as he coaches offense.”

Last season was definitely disappointing for LakerNation, and it may get worse if Dwight, who’s seen by many as the best center in the league, decides to take his talents to H-Town.


Photo credit: www.zimbio.com

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