In April, the city of Boston was celebrating “Patriots Day”. The Boston Red Sox ¬†had just finished playing, and people made their way down to the end of the Boston Marathon where tragedy struck. Two bombs went off ,killing three and injuring many. Boston needed a release,¬†and the Bruins were their escape. The Bruins played the Buffalo Sabres in the first sporting event since the bombing. Fans were happy to get their stress out by cheering for the Bruins as they performed a tribute to the city of Boston. They had decals on the helmet ¬†and boards saying “Boston Strong”. Brad Marchand said, “We just wanna get back to normal”. They lost the game, but ¬†continued to embrace ¬†“Boston Strong”

In the 2013 playoffs, Boston was down in game 7 of the 1st round to the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-1. With 10 minutes left in the season, Boston ¬†pulled off an incredible comeback and won. When Patrice Bergeron was asked “What made you guys not quit?”, he replied “We are Boston Strong”.The Bruins eventually slid into their ¬†groove the past couple of series, going 11-2 and scoring 21 goals since being down to Toronto.

Now Boston is in the Stanley Cup Finals, playing against the Chicago Blackhawks. ¬†Boston is currently only two victories away from capping off a season filled with sorrow, happiness and patriotism with a Stanley Cup championship, a fairy tale ending to the Bruins tumultuous season. In the past couple of series, multiple players have stepped up and made Boston a lot better and are keys to the Bruins run. ¬†Tuukka Rask, Patrice Bergeron, Zdeno Chara, Torey Krug and Milan Lucic have helped the Bruins sweep the Eastern Conference’s best team, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

With the Stanley Cup Final currently knotted up at 2-2, The Bruins look to win a championship for a city that has been through a rough year. Beating Chicago will be no easy task, but Boston has showed from game seven of the round one how resilient the Bruins really are. Boston hopes for a bittersweet ending, dreaming of hoisting the Stanley Cup high above their heads for a city that has experienced tragedy, death and despair.'

Joseph Chapp

Hockey, Baseball and Football writer.

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