Apr 11, 2 years ago
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Patriots Get Value Out Of Edelman

It seems that once again, the Patriots have managed to find a way of getting great value out of players, as most good teams in the NFL do. This time, that value comes from receiver Julian Edelman.

Edelman, a fifth-year wide receiver, inked a deal with the Patriots for only one-year, with a maximum value of $765,000. The deal also includes some protection for the Patriots if Edelman gets injured again next year, as Edelman would only make $383,000 if he lands on injured reserve.

Last season, Edelman posted 10 catches for 85 yards and a touchdown before breaking his hand in the middle of a week 3 showdown with the Ravens. Edelman then returned in week 7, but didn’t get the same use from the offense until week 11, when he had a two-week stretch of great performances, which featured ¬†before injuring his ankle and landing himself on injured reserve.

The season totals from last year finished at 21 catches for 235 yards and 3 TDs, with 12 first downs, while playing on 24.1% of snaps. Just for sake of entertainment, if Edelman had played 70% of snaps, he would have had approximately 61 catches for 682 yards and 9 touchdowns, plus 35 first downs – not bad for $765,000.

Looking at Edelman’s 4-year career’s stats, which consist of only 48 games with 69 catches for 714 yards and 4 touchdowns, you might not think that signing him for $765,000 was much of a steal, but Edelman’s versatility is where his money is made.

For example, during Edelman’s performances against the Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets, Edelman scored two receiving touchdowns, plus a punt return that went to pay dirt, and a fumble recover on the kickoff coverage team that also gave him a touchdown.

With the Patriots receiving corps having plenty of depth, but not having a clear starting selection of receivers, Edelman has a good possibility of being one of the starts, which makes $765,000 quite a steal for the Patriots.


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