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Akoy Agau: A High School Sensation

by Deion Hulse | Posted on Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Akoy Agau, the 6’9 senior out of Omaha Central High School, is considered to be one of the most dominant players in Nebraska at the high school level. He has lead the Omaha Central Eagles to four class A state championships. Agau also led his team to a victory over Oak Hill Academy in February of 2013. Agau has started for Omaha Central all four years of his high school career. Agau has committed to Louisville and will play under Rick Pitino this upcoming college season.

Akoy Agau, a Sudan Native, moved to America in 2002. Agau lived in Maryland for a year before moving to Omaha, Nebraska. Agau was first introduced to basketball in Omaha. Agau became serious about basketball in 7th grade.

Agau played for Team Nebraska select clubs and mostly played with players much older than himself. Not only does Agau excel on the basketball court, but in the classroom as well. Agau took four honor classes as a junior, and who knows how many he is taking as a senior.

Not only is Agau an outstanding athlete inside the classroom and on the court, but he is a very humble guy. Agau could easily drop 25 a night, but he is very unselfish and is fine with what he gets.

“We’re all really good players, we’re all capable of 20-plus point games. If any one of us went to a different team we’d be able to score a lot. It’s just something we all know we can do. If a guys gets 18 or 20 points, no one has a problem with it because the next game it’s someone else. Our individual scoring is something we don’t really look at as long as we’re winning.”
- Akoy Agau

Look for Akoy Agau to be a huge center piece for Rick Pitino’s team this upcoming season.

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