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Is Moss Done in the NFL?

by Milan George | Posted on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

Randy Moss, one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history, might have to call it quits as reports came out saying his current team, The San Francisco 49ers, are not looking to resign him this offseason.

The 49ers were to have said they wanted to, “steer clear” of Moss as age and production became two of the stronger reasons why Moss was cut. But also reports say he didn’t like his current role with the Super Bowl runner ups.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio notes that,


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“While the team praised Moss during his extended periods of media silence throughout the 2012 season, his decision to remove the restrictor plate from his vocal cords in the days before the Super Bowl provided insight into the attitude with which the team was dealing.”

“He didn’t like his role. Though he didn’t say so publicly until late January, it’s safe to assume he was getting his point across privately, based on his history.”



Randy Moss had just 28 catches for 434 yards and three touchdowns during a disappointing season with the 49ers and didn’t show any improvement in the playoffs as the 49ers were just a win away from Super Bowl number six.

We all know that Moss is an NFL legend, one of the greatest all time. After Saturday’s report, many know that he won’t have a chance to help San Francisco get back to the Super Bowl next season, if any team really. It maybe just time for Moss to look in the mirror and call it quits.

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