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NHL: Let the seasons begin

by Keith Almli | Posted on Sunday, January 6th, 2013
The NHL and NHLPA reached an agreement on the CBA early Sunday morning. The negotiations lasted into the early morning and in whole was a 18 hour marathon session. Instead of looking to blame someone for the whole process even starting lets take a moment to thank the federal mediator who bridged the two gaps and help get the two sides together when the process was about to fall apart. There’s still a long road ahead as the Board of Governors and the Players both have to vote it in, but with representatives present at the negotiations this process is almost guaranteed. Also as Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman stated they need to get this on paper to start the season. The last debate that went on in the room was the second year cap. The players wanted a cap of $64.3 million and eventually the NHL gave into the demands of the players. This years cap is set at $70.2 million with a floor at $54.2 million. The NHL’s most beloved offer the make whole provision will offer $300 million to compensate for the reduction in player contracts. The players will receive 50% of all hockey related revenue and the CBA is set in stone for eight years as the opt out is eight years. The whole CBA lasts for 10 years if no opt out is conducted. Training camps will start up shorts and in mid-January the season will start with a 48 to 50 game schedule. Currently it’s unclear on how the playoffs will work.
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