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How can the Vikings win it all?

by Dylan_Hargis9 | Posted on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013
In recent years we have seen 4th seeds and below make a run in the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. This has to do with momentum. Most teams that get the 4th seed or below are fighting all the way through week 17 while some higher teams may be resting players. This top contenders rest and still lose quite possibly because they lose their momentum when they do not play or when they lose. The Minnesota Vikings find themselves at the 6th seed, meaning any playoff games they play will be away.
First up is the Green Bay Packers and if they win that game they will automatically be playing the number one seeded Falcons. The key to the Vikings success so far has been in the brilliant running back Adrian Peterson. The Packers have preformed poorly against him in both games this year, yet the series is split at one a piece right now. Peterson will of course be a big part of the offense but if the Vikings are to win, the responsibility will fall on quarterback Christan  Ponder. He will have to make key passes when its obvious Peterson will not be getting the ball.
Regardless of how Vikings fans feel about it, their playoff hopes are squarely on the shoulders of the young Christan Ponder. He has a great advantage seeing the Packers defense will be determined to contain Peterson on almost every play, but things such as third and long will determine if Ponder “has the chops” to take the Vikings on a serious run. Their the underdogs this year but it’s happened before, it may again. Christan Ponder, we hope you are ready because this year’s playoffs will be hard fought and very interesting for NFL fans worldwide.
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