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Top 10 Athletes To Follow On Twitter

Twitter is currently the second most used social networking site, only trailing the all-popular Facebook. With the popularity of Twitter growing, not only is the average person using it, but the majority of famous athletes are now becoming a part of it. While some athletes are cliché and boring, only posting what is going on with their personal lives and their athletic lives, some specific athletes are extremely entertaining on Twitter, always making humorous and outrageous posts. In the following list, the Top 10 athletes to follow on Twitter will be highlighted, whether it be because of interesting humor or just interesting lives.


10. Nick Swisher – @NickSwisher, current MLB player, is probably one of the funniest users of Twitter. He is one of those guys who is always able to keep his followers cheerful and positive. His humorous pictures, motivational posts about life itself, and his serious posts are just some reasons to why he is on this list. For example, on October 5th, 2012, Swisher posted


9. Michael Strahan – @michaelstrahan, former NFL player, is one of the most motivational Twitter users. He never posts hate on his page, unlike most others. Every single word that comes into his Tweets is positive. Whether it be speaking of a funny incident that occurred in his own life or giving a shout out to a friend, his words are always an inspiration. One specific example of that was when he recently said

8. Steve Nash – @SteveNash has always been known for his outstanding basketball skills, however, his skills for keeping Twitter users engaged may just beat out his basketball playing. The entertainment he posts seems to never end. One of his funniest posts of his whole life was from last year, when he said

7. Metta World Peace – @MettaWorldPeace, current NBA player, may very well be the most interesting man in the world. From changing his name from Ron Artest to Metta World Peace and being fined for elbowing player James Harden in the face, the publicity with him never seems to end. Because of this, it should be no surprise that he has a grand amount of Twitter followers. One recent humorous post of his was

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6. Chad Johnson – @ochocinco, like Metta World Peace, is all about the publicity. An NFL player, Number 85 is always trying to be the headline. Changing his name is just one (or two) of the reasons to why he is so popular. His birth name was his current one, Chad Johnson, however, a few years ago, he changed it to Chad Ochocinco because of his love for his football number, but then recently legally changed it back to the original. On Twitter, he sometimes posts about his favorite comedy movies, lines from those movies, or even things about video games, such as challenging some of his followers to beat him in a game of Madden or Fifa. One time when he used his humor to update about his personal life was
5. Lamar Odom – @RealLamarOdom is most famous for his wife, Khloe Kardashian. He is currently an NBA player and has his appearances on the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Heavily involved with charity and donations, this is one main reason why he uses his Twitter. Other posts include talking back and forth with his wife, discussing his basketball career, or even sweet talking his kids. For example, this post from the summer of 2012 states

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4. Logan Morrison – @LoMoMarlins is just one of those guys; he is one of those guys that gets everybody on his side by his hilarious posts, however, most of the time, these posts are inappropriate to the average viewer. If you are one of those people who are always searching for those guys who speak like you, with a swear word for every other word, then Morrison is the guy to follow. Not many are currently like him, and not many will ever be. Trying to keep it clean, this following example is just using humor. It is

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3. Tim Tebow – @TimTebow is the person that just about everybody knows. Whether it be from his on the football field “Tebow Time” or his on and off the field Christian practices, Tebow is probably one of the most well-known names in sports. If you are a huge believer in Christianity, patriotism, and helping certain causes, then Tebow is the athlete you want to follow. Some posts of his random Bible portions are


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2. Brian Wilson – @BrianWilson38 is undoubtedly the funniest current baseball player. From his very grown out beard to his “Fear the Beard” slogan to his appearance at the Red Carpet with Sasquatch, Wilson is always keeping Giants fan and just sports fans entertained and laughing. He seems to be very carefree and living life to the fullest. One funny post directed towards San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith was

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1. Shaquille O’Neal – @SHAQ is a retired basketball player, and is without a doubt the best athlete to follow on Twitter. As a current broadcaster, O’Neal is always cracking up anybody who will listen. Some of his most famous sayings are the names he calls himself; he comes up with hilarious names and makes up words, as long as they can be transformed to contain the word “Shaq.” Some of his funniest Tweets were him pretending to compete with the mind freak Criss Angel posting videos of himself performing magic tricks at

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