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Marcus Williams, One of the Dumbest Basketball Players Ever

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It began during his freshman year at the University of Connecticut when he was suspended from the men’s basketball team for poor grades. However, after being re-instated¬†as a¬†sophomore¬†he was named the Big East Most Improved Player, but was kicked off the team the following year for trying to sell stolen laptop computers. Despite his saggy pants and bad attitude, he still went on to have a successfull college career averaging 12.6 ppg, 8.3 assists and shot 83% from the free throw line. He then went on to be selected 22nd overall in the 2006 NBA draft. His bad attitude carried on to the NBA and as you could imagine¬†it didn’t get him very far, he was BENCHED and then traded to the Golden State Warriors, where he was released shortly there after. He then ended up playing on the¬†Grizzlies¬†summer league team in Las Vegas and on August 7, 2009, he was officially signed by Memphis. Once again he was released after another unsuccessful season. This marked the end of Williams’ NBA career as we know it and it comes to show that with bad decision making and attitude, he squandered a once in a lifetime¬†opportunity¬†and was never able to live up to his potential as an NBA player.'

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