10.) Domanick Davis (Running Back) –¬†After rushing for over 3,000 yards in¬†his first three years in the league, knee problems sidelined him permanently. He still remains the Houston¬†Texans’ all-time leading rusher.¬† Many wonder what could have been from this young talent, but we will never know.

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9.) Kris Brown (Kicker) –¬†Most fans will remember Kris Brown for his sad ending in Houston. However ¬†for most of his career, he was almost automatic and hit some big field goals! I do not like putting Kickers on lists like this, but it would not be complete without this guy on here. Truly a great Kicker that got the job done most of the time.

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8.) Marcus Coleman (Defensive Back) –¬†Marcus Coleman tallied 11 interceptions in four seasons with the Houston¬†Texans while playing both cornerback and safety. It takes a lot of talent to switch positions like Marcus Coleman did. He did great with both positions and was a dominate threat with the Houston Texans’ defense.

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7.) DeMeco Ryans (LineBacker) –¬†Before his injury in the 2010 season, DeMeco Ryans was considered by many to be a top-five linebacker in the league. I hated to see him get hurt and he was not the same afterwards. A two-time Pro Bowler and a defensive rookie of the year award are also included in his list of achievements.

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6.) Dunta Robinson (Cornerback) – Another player who Houstan¬†Texan fans probably won’t like to see this high on the list, but Dunta Robinson¬†is still the greatest cornerback in the history of this franchise. Dunta Robinson¬†compiled 13 interceptions and became a lock-down corner before a leg injury took away his speed. Truly a great player of the game of football.

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5.) Chester Pitts (Tackle/Guard) –¬†Houston Texan¬†fans were referring to Chester Pitts as “Mr. Texan” because he had played every game in franchise history before a severe leg injury ended his 2009 season prematurely. He could play Offensive Guard or Offensive Tackle and played them both well. This is why he makes the list at number 5.

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4.) Arian Foster (Running Back) -It may be to early to put Arian Foster up here, but to make his mark with the most yards from scrimmage in a season by an undrafted player in NFL history, it’s hard to deny his place here. In a couple of seasons, he could be higher. He has a great vision and has the ability to be an amazing running back in the NFL.

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3.) Matt Schaub (Quarterback) –¬†When David Carr was run out of town a couple years too late in 2007, Matt Schaub didn’t really have very big shoes to fill. That didn’t stop him from throwing for over 15,000 yards and 77 touchdowns his first four years under center though.¬† He’s the best quarterback in Houston history(not including Warren Moon).

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2.) Mario Williams ( Defensive End/ Linebacker) –¬†All of the criticism that surrounded the Texans brass after selecting Mario Williams first overall in the now legendary 2006 NFL Draft would have been enough to ruin any prospect’s confidence. But six years later, Vince Young and Reggie Bush are on their second teams in back-up roles, while Mario is one of the best pass-rushers in the entire NFL. He has definately proved he was worth a number one overall pick. With 53 sacks in just 82 career games, coupled with a pair of Pro Bowl appearances, he is truly a great player.

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1.) Andre Johnson ( Wide Receiver) –¬†Was there ever any doubt? Highly regarded by many as the best wide receiver in the NFL, Andre Johnson has been nothing short of amazing in his 8+ seasons with the Texans. A five-time Pro Bowler on the brink of eclipsing the 10,000-yard mark this season, you are possibly watching the first Texan to be a Hall of Famer. Why not? He is a great player and rivals Calvin Johnson, Roddy White, and Larry Fitzgerlad to this day.

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