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NCAA Sports | Should College Athletes Get Paid?

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People and players from all over the world have this discussion all of the time. If you continue to read this you will see the good and the bad things if College athletes get paid.

It would be hard to pay every athlete in college sports. Already I think that all professional sport athletes get paid way too much. Paying college athletes would be terrible. This could and would cause many problems than people think, all athletes in college would get paid around the same amount each. Just because if they pay one athlete a lot more than another, that would not work out good. Each starter would make a little more then the second string. This would also cause more athletes to test their ability in college sports.

This would cause more athletes to try harder. But if you have to set a set amount for each athlete, this could cause some players to play but not try that hard.

Hopefully it does not come to this. But if it does, a lot of people counting me would be really upset.

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  1. no they should not.1. they are getting a free education . 2. a free place to live and meals. they have doctors and nurses at their beckon call. I mean I love sports but what about all the other people who have to pay for their education. now if you wanna make them pay for their education room and board then that's fine. but every player get the same amount of money. and no school gets to pay more. because it's not fair that 1 gets paid more then the other. they're all out there playing hard and I for 1 thank them. because I enjoy it.
    1. Trevor Uren says:
      thank you, for your response!