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by Trevor Uren | Posted on Friday, April 27th, 2012

This side of the board appears to be a little tougher not only to pick but to stay awake.

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Here we go:

Kings (4) @ Blues (1): Again we have two goaltenders playing pretty sick in Jonathan Quick and Brian Elliott. Both of these teams play a brick wall defense and goals will be scarce.The difference will be on the bench and in the special teams. Both of these teams are probably better then initially advertised if you are looking at the records. The Blues were the best in the NHL for most of the season and the Kings probably were more likely a 4-type seed. The Blues scored on the PP 1 out of every 3 chances last round.


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Predators (3) @ Coyotes (2): Boy did I under estimate the Yotes! Who would have known goalie Mike Smith would have a higher save percentage then Pekka Rinne? If your looking at the special teams the Yotes were much better in the playoffs then the regular season and the Preds weren’t as good but things may change. I think the difference here will be the fact that the Yotes depended too much at times on Smith. The Preds could score from anywhere in the zone and could play physical if need be. Im still not sold on the Yotes and the Preds still have who many consider to be the best goalie in the world. It won’t be easy and I sense a lot of sleepless nights in front of the TV.




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