1st edition of the @TrashmanRonnie Mullet Monday….. Brian “The Boz” Bosworth and his wild career

Mullet Monday is here and its time to celebrate! from now till I run out of famous athletes with the greatest hair cut ever I will put out one of these every week. Every week will be a description of the athlete or entertainers life and career. After 10 or so weeks i will send out a Mullet Power Ranking, yes i said Mullet Power Rankings. Enough introduction lets talk about the Boz.

Brian Bosworth was a interesting athlete, he was almost a bigger than life figure in his early days. He was a 2 time (2 time!) All American in 1985 and 1986. He loved the national spot light and he used any way to get into it he could including odd hair cuts, but I’m sure he didn’t love being in the spotlight during the 1987 Orange Bowl. He got suspended for the Orange Bowl for testing positive for steroid use. After the 1987 Orange Bowl Brian wore a T-shirt stating “National Communists Against Athletes” referring to the NCAA.

Brian claimed that the steroid use was Dr proscribed to treat a injury but ol man Barry Switzer who was known for not really caring what his team did decided to dismiss the 2 time (2 time!) Butkus award winner. despite all the college controversy he was named #30 of the top 100 greatest football players of all time and was named to the SI all century team.

In a Sports Illustrated autobiography titled “The Boz” Brian blew the whistle on OU football, claiming that the program was full of drug use. He also said there was “gun play” in the dorms (wild shit). All this controversy stirred up eventually forced Barry Switzer to step down from OU.

This part is what blew me away before the supplemental draft Boz sent out letters to every team in the NFL except one saying “do not draft me i will now play for you”. The only team he said he wanted to play for was the LA Raiders. Think about if Nick Bosa did that this year and said i will only play with my brother on the Chargers the sports world would blow up! Well in the Draft the Raiders didn’t pick him up, he was drafted by the Seattle Seacocks I mean Seahawks. In order for Boz to play for a team he didn’t want to play for they had to break out the check book and write very big numbers. In fact Brian contract broke the team record for biggest deal at that time. Brian only played 2 years in the NFL but he still loved starting up controversy like him trash talking Elway before he played the Broncos. This is how bronco fans reacted

Bronco fans are so clever.


The sad part for Boz is he might be known for getting ran threw by Bo Jackson than he is known as a NFL player.


Did you think i wouldn’t talk about that Mullet??? Brian “Boz” Bosworth had a legendary mullet that was backed up by a amazing college career and him shitting the bed in the NFL

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