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19 People Rescued After Being Stuck In Snowed In Cabin In Upper Peninsula (Menominee County)

NOTE: the headline picture is not the actual image. It’s just what it may have felt like.

WLUC-TV6 has reported that 19 people (10 adults and nine children) were rescued after being snowed in a cabin for an extended period of time due to the effects from the recent big winter storm. Their ages were ranged from 1-64 years old.

Last Monday, first responders were called to a cabin located on an unplowed road six miles off M-69 at Spaulding Township in Menominee County. The road was covered with two feet of snow at the time.

The Menominee County and Harris Fire Departments plowed most of the roads until two trucks got stuck in the snow.

Fellow first responders from Meyer, Mullen, and Cedarville Volunteer Fire Departments used a Polaris Ranger to reach the cabin and locate/rescue the stranded people.

Along with the listed first responders from above, also responding to the rescue were Conservation Officers from MDNR, and Menominee County Sheriff’s Deputies.

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